The Gloves Are Off!

By Arlene Peck

No more Mr. Nice Guy! How long until the leaders of Israel have the fortitude to stand up and show the courage that is necessary to defend their own citizens? It's gotten to where I dread turning on the television because I know I'll probably view carnage of a bus in Jerusalem, a pizza parlor in Tel Aviv or maybe a shooting at a Bar Mitzvah somewhere in the "settlements". Who is running Israel? George Bush? Frankly, I don't see him doing so well with this country. The economy is in a shambles, the health care non-existent, and the ecology is in a total mess. This is the man who is calling the shots? Why is Israel expected to "obey orders" from the White House by anyone? Least of all by the Israeli Knesset.

I stare at Ari Fleischer and the national newscasters after each and every "suicide" bombing and I truly want to scream. Why these animals are considered "militants" when it comes to Israeli deaths and "terrorists" when they ambush and shoot United States soldiers deeply offends me. They are "terrorist" and the bombings are"homicide". I can't bear to listen to the semantics any longer.

The problem is complex but the fact that terrorists cannot be negotiated with is a simple one! For some reason, Bush understands that when he's hell-bent on destroying the "evildoers", we bombed the beejees out of anything that moved in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hell, our planes went over there and bombed whole neighborhoods in the hopes that they were in one of their caves or tunnels where they hide out like rats. What did we do? We clapped! And everyone praised George Bush for his fight against the terrorists! The issue is not a question of whether the Arabs should have a 23rd state to call their own. It is a clash between the 21st century exemplified in the democratic values of the Jewish State and the barbaric, medieval, violent, intolerant and autocratic values, or lack thereof, of the Islamic societies.

The revolutionary vision that Colin Powell and Bush have for transforming the disputed territories couldn't be more different. Why is it so impossible for the world to understand that the situation that has prevailed for the past two years is intolerable? The time for talking is over! Over! There has been a war for two years with Arafat calling the shots. I don't care what the world is going to say! I know that the time of talking is past. Israel has to destroy the enemy! And if that means going to war, so be it. They are in a war now and nobody is supporting Israel.

For some reason our government makes a distinction between the "military wing" and the "political wing" of Hamas. They are one and the same and the cousins of the Arabs who are now shooting and ambushing American soldiers in Iraq. Are United States personnel supposed to pull them out from behind the rock they are hiding and tell them that,"We have to negotiate"? "The only answer is a military seek and destroy operation. Israel has the means and the justification for doing so. There is no comparison between the bloodthirsty terrorists and the victims fighting for their lives!

It is reprehensible that the Arab bombings are referred to as" retaliation." The Palestinians are determined to destroy every man, woman and child in their wake. It is NOT a cycle of violence! The terrorists go over and kill Jews and those who have been targeted respond by defending themselves. I totally disagree with our government when it repeats the mantra that this cannot be solved militarily and that Israel will have to sit down with its enemies and "work things out." Interestingly enough, when we went to Afghanistan and Iraq we set the correct example. Yet, as usual, when it comes to Israel, the rulebook in the war on terrorism is closed. How is it possible that when Israel defends itself from the Hamas terrorist mastermind, the entire world comes down on the Jewish State in condemnation? The condemnation is bad enough but the world's silence in the face of manifest terrorism has put these world leaders in the same boat as the terrorists.

This cannot be allowed to continue. At least in a war, the soldiers, although unavoidably wreaking havoc while engaged in hostilities, can at least make an effort to avoid civilian casualties. Israel is already in a war and the situation cannot continue where these animals are allowed to continue to pick off two, or ten or fifty Jews at will, among them children, pregnant women and the aged.

So far, the terrorist have had free reign and, I believe, are encouraged by the American administration, for reasons that are either anti-Semitic or which stem from ignorance. Powell has been billed as a born-again Christian with a love of Israel. Well folks, Israel can no longer stand such "love"

Our leaders are prepared to casually discard entire cities of Jews who have been living in Judea and Samaria for the past forty years where they have built viable cities. These "settlements" are not sticks in the ground. There are over a quarter of a million Israelis living there and they have every moral and legal right to be there. What should they do? Move out of their lovely homes so their Arab neighbors can take over? No! I don't think so! It is time that transfer was recognized as the only sensible solution. But it can't be of the Jews now residing in their Biblical homeland.

I wonder? What would happen if Israel cut off the water supply of these hotbeds of Arab terrorism? How long would it be before they were heading to the border without a shot being fired? This might be considered an act of war but this war was imposed upon Israel ages ago.

It is the time to think, and seriously, of defeating Israel's "evildoers" and moving them out of Israel and the territories into any homelands of their brethren who will take them. They have the "right of return"--to Jordan and of their other twenty- two Arab countries! There is no peace process and there cannot be one with an enemy possessed of barbaric values and mentality. There is no peace process where there is no partner.

Article posted by John Ray, June, 14th., 2003

Note: Arlene's photos from her recent trip to Israel are here.

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