By Arlene Peck

I think I'm getting mellower. I used to think that there were only two kinds of people in the world: Jews and anti-Semites. For too long I over looked the "good Christians" from the religious right who truly love Israel. As long as they're not trying to convert the Jews, I am grateful for their love and concern. We need their support and aid in fighting the 'cause of the Lord!" Now, I have broadened my assessment. I believe that, we just don't get it! I think that the rest of the word is just so damn naive that for the most part, they will believe whoever is telling the "big lie" the loudest and the longest. Arafat, without question, was and is, the master of that method of brain washing. Until him, nobody had ever dreamed that there should be a "Palestinian state" carved in and around the Jewish State. It is known, and accepted that even their Koran does not lay claim on Israel. And, it's not mentioned even once in their Bible In the Old Testament however, there are over seven hundred citations, which reflect the Jewish claim to Israel.

So, knowing that, I am more than a little concerned with the latest method of conveying the deed to the State of Israel over to the Arabs. The Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Mazan is being touted as the "new counterpart" to Ariel Sharon. More disturbing, Sharon is being pushed into serious negotiations with Mazan in the implementation of the planned 'roadmap' and giveaway of the Jewish State.

Noooo, I don't think so. This is the very same Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) who has been the same "close aide" of Arafat for the past forty years. And, if memory doesn't fail me, the same man who financed the Fatah operation that led to the murder of eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics? Hell, this is the same man who was even instrumental in forming the terrorist, Fatah group and wrote a book denying the Holocaust. And, now, he's being billed as "the Israeli counter-part"? Pul-ease.

But, as načve as the Americans and most of the others who are promoting him and this roadmap are, the Jews who allow such thinking are beyond just stupid. It is simply unforgivable. I understand how the self-serving politicians are able to swallow the pretense of this "road map" Those promoting it, have made it obvious that the scheme, and, it is a scheme constitutes a reward to the terrorists in the form of next-door, or within statehood. They could care less if it's based on the pretence of rewarding the terrorists by their actions. Nor are they concerned how this roadmap and its 'return' policies hasten the demise of the Jewish state. What part of the word Homicide Bombing doesn't the world understand! We are, at the moment, on a "code Red" for the country. Maybe, now, that the United States is beginning to experience, in a very small way, what Israel is forced into, we might just begin to understand who and what the enemy is. You can't negotiate with terrorists! If these vermin are able to strike and kill civilians as expected, would we "hold back" and "give peace a chance?" I hope not! They understand power and that's all!

I am astounded, how there is no outcry over the obvious double standard. President Bush has always talked tough when discussing the terrorists. He has said, numerous times how he would never negotiate with terrorists. Remember, "You're either with us or against us." As I write this, the television is once again showing horrible scenes on the television show of yet another homicide bombing. Why is Israel being forced to join in this appeasement policy? We, as a nation, would never negotiate with terrorists. Yet, while our government, and every other country is preoccupied with the Road Map, these Islamic Fundamentalist, and close brothers, the Palestinians go along their merry way, bombing and terrorizing everything in sight! We had a reprieve when Arafat walked away from the 'wish list' that Barak offered him. As unbelievable as it was at the time, Arafat still didn't think the 'giveaway' offered to him enough. However, now, like an unwanted fungus it's back again in the shape of the "Road Map."

Enough! Enough of bombing houses and going into the meetings with the enemy like a reluctant dog going into the vet. The infrastructure of this terrorism culture has got to be dismantled and destroyed. Transfer is not the forbidden word that it used to be. When there is a cancer in a body, it has to be removed. Now neither negotiated with nor, appeased. It has to cut out. The same must be done with the enemy. If the world has its way, they would force Israel to show restraint and 'make nice'. Israel has to do what's good for itself. It's not a question of making peace. It's now to the point of survival. For G-ds sake, it's ludicrous. We have the same enemy! The United States is now on Red Alert. _High Caution! Who do we think have caused this? Asian students from Cambodia? Nor is it tourists from Holland or New Zealand. The Islamic fundamentalists are out to destroy anyone who is different from them. They are the founders of terrorism. I'm sick and tired of the political correctness of if all. We know who the enemy is and have the means to destroy them. So does Israel. Let them do what's necessary!

I don't know the answer. I do think, however, that the few who seem to be "getting it" are the Christian coalition who finally realizes that their future is tied into the fate of the Jews. Because folks, it's not just the Jews these crazed terrorists want to see off the face of the earth. Their textbooks and leadership teach their children that anything other than "their way" is an abomination and the infidels should be killed. Sometimes politics make strange bedfellows. Praise is the Lord!

Article posted by John Ray, May 22nd., 2003

Note: Arlene's photos from her recent trip to Israel are here.

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