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Note: I now post a daily backup for my "Dissecting Leftism" blog only. Blog backups are for the times when is having downtime (fortunately now rare). If any blog goes "off the air" I will post daily backups as follows:

Mirror site for "Dissecting Leftism" here or here

Mirror site for "Tongue Tied" here or here

Mirror site for "Political Correctness Watch" here or here

Mirror site for "Greenie Watch" here or here

Mirror site for "Education Watch International" here or here

Mirror site for "Gun Watch" here or here

Mirror site for "Australian Politics" here or here

Mirror site for "Food & Health Skeptic" here or here

Mirror site for "Immigration Watch International" here or here

Mirror site for "Eye on Britain" here or here

There is also a backup for my irregularly updated Personal blog. Backup here

Indexes for backup archives are as follows:

Dissecting Leftism here or here

Greenie Watch here or here


"Tongue Tied" (Backup here)
"Dissecting Leftism" (Backup here)
"Obama Watch" (Backup here) -- no longer being updated. See "Dissecting Leftism"
"Australian Politics" (Backup here)
"Gun Watch" ( Backup here)
"Education Watch International" (Backup here)
"Socialized Medicine" ( Backup here) -- no longer being updated but see "Eye on Britain" blog
"Political Correctness Watch" (Backup here)
"Greenie Watch" ( Backup here)
"Food & Health Skeptic" (Backup here)
"Eye on Britain" ( Backup here)
"Immigration Watch International" . (Backup here).
"Queensland police misbehaviour" . (Irregular. Not backed up).
"Australian police news" . (Irregular. Not backed up).
"QANTAS -- A dying octopus". (Irregular. Not backed up).
"Telstra/Bigpond follies". (Irregular. Not backed up).
"Leftists as Elitists" (Now rarely updated -- Backup here or here)
"Marx & Engels in their own words" (Now rarely updated -- Backup here or here)
"A scripture blog" (Now rarely updated -- Backup here or here)
"A recipe blog (Now rarely updated -- Backup here)
"Some memoirs" (Irregularly updated -- Backup here or here)
"Paralipomena" (Irregularly updated. Not backed up)

There are also two blogspot blogs which record what I think are my main recent articles here and here. Similar content can be more conveniently accessed via my short articles here or here (I rarely write long articles these days)

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Very often in my writings, I link back to previous articles of mine as a way of making available a more detailed treatment of a given subject. It's a pervasive academic practice. At times, however, the link concerned will cease to work after a while -- usually for reasons beyond my control. In such cases the article concerned is still available -- but at a different address. To find the article, putting one of the following in front of the filename will generally recover the article concerned:

For example, you might be trying to access articles as follows:

Neither article is now available at those addresses but you can find other versions as follows:

"Dead" links are a besetting problem on the net but "difficulties exist to be overcome"! Who said that? I think it is usually attributed to Maria Montessori but Hitler had his own predictably aggressive version of it too: "Widerstaende sind nicht da, dass man vor ihnen kapituliert, sondern dass man sie bricht". Breaking things won't work in this instance, though. The Wayback Machine is also a good way of recovering "lost" files.